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Step by Step guide to booking a court
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Booking a Tennis Court on this website

Bellfield Park have their tennis court bookings administered via the website. This article provides a simple step-by-step guide in booking a tennis court at Bellfield Park.

STEP 1 - Log In

Log into your account on the Bellfield Park website. If you haven't already created an account, you'll need to register for an account before you can proceed further. Here's a link for a step-by-step article on creating an account on the Bellfield Park website.

STEP 2 - Access the Booking Calendar

Once logged in, click the 'Court Bookings' menu item

STEP 3 - Find a 'Bookable' Court

You'll now be looking at the Court Calendar. By default you'll be looking at the present day. You can navigate to days in the future by clicking 'Next Day', 'Previous Day' (if you're in the future) or choose a date from the calendar. You'll notice that the time slots have circular coloured dots with a representative icon in them.

* A red dot with 'X' in it indicates that the court has been privately booked and isn't available.
* A green dot with a tick indicates that court is available for a private booking.
* A grey dot with an ' i ' icon indicates that this time slot can't be booked but the court is available for a FREE 'walk on' session. This means that the court is available for a 'walk on and play free' session on a first come first served basis.
* A dot of any other colour with an ' i ' icon in it means that the court isn't available to be booked and is booked out for an event or coaching session by Inverness Tennis Academy or affiliated partner. Clicking the ' i ' icon will give more information as to what the booking is.

The above therefore means that for the purpose of you wanting to book a court, you're specifically looking for the ticked green dot 'available' slots. When you've found the court you'd like to book, you can click the time slot (note that the whole row is highlighted - you can choose your specific court from the next screen). You should be looking at something like this:

STEP 4 - Select your Court

In the above example illustration, the user has selected the 18:30 time slot, which when clicked, results in the screen below (this is the 'Booking View' screen). Step 4 is therefore simply selecting your chosen court which will be highlighted when you hover over it.

STEP 5 - Check you're booking what you want to book

Click your chosen court and you'll be taken to the summary screen for that court. You can click the 'Booking Conditions' button to be sure you're happy with the conditions of the booking. Upon clicking 'Accept + Book with Paypal' you'll be taken to PayPal for payment. If you've got court credit (perhaps you've cancelled a previous booking and been refunded court credit for example) you can make payment using the court credit instead (a button for that will appear as an alternative method of payment).

STEP 6 - Make Payment

Once you've clicked the book button, please wait a few moments while the PayPal payment screen loads. When it does, you'll see the PayPal payment screen where you can log into your PayPal account to make payment. If you don't have a paypal account, don't worry, you can pay via credit card from this screen too. Once you've made payment, you'll get a confirmation screen (like in the example below). Click 'Return to website' link to be sent back to the Bellfield Park website.

STEP 7 - Wait for confirmation that your court has booked successfully

You'll likely see an alert 'Your booking will be confirmed soon. Please select OK to continue'. If you see this alert, then the system is just running a few checks to see if the payment went through successfully. This process is usually instantaneous and you may not even see this alert, but it can take up to a minute for this process to complete.

Once it is confirmed that payment has been made successfully, you'll see the 'My Bookings' page as shown below with your court booking displayed in it. If you've got multiple court bookings, you'll see them all listed in this section.

CONGRATULATIONS!! If you've gone through the process mentioned above and can see your confirmed court booking then simply turn up at Bellfield Park and enjoy your game of tennis at that time slot. You'll have a booking reference that matches up with the court booking and the park keeper (as a result of using an administrator version of the screen) will see your name on the booking anyhow.

Some other things to note:

* If you click 'Book' and are directed through to PayPal payment screen, you've got 5 minutes to complete your booking. if the system doesn't recognise a payment in this time, the reserved court will be released and available to be booked again by others.

* To cancel a court that you've previously booked, as long as it's in the permitted cancellation time frame (check the booking conditions information when booking a court for this), you'll not receive a payment refund but instead, you'll receive a court credit for the value of the court booking you cancelled. You can then use this credit to book other courts.

* Courts can be booked 14 days in advance. The available bookable court times will not be accessible on the system until 14 days from the current time. If you're trying to book a popular time slot, you might want to make a diary note to book as soon as the slot comes available.

* If you're using Firefox or Safari browser, you may get the following alerts when returning to the Bellfield Park site from PayPal:

..this isn't anything to worry about and click 'Continue' or 'Send' in either case. This alert is just telling you that you've gone from a secure encrypted connection in making your payment with PayPal to a non-secure connection on the Bellfield Park website. In effect this means that if there's any serious hackers operating on your network, they might be aware that you've just booked a tennis court - or they could just check the booking calendar like everyone else.


If you have any problems with making a court booking even after following the steps above, then please let us know. It maybe the case that you're computer / phone / tablet or other device that you're trying to book the court on, is configured in such a way that isn't compatible with our system. If you're having problems, please complete this form here and we'll get back to you to resolve the issue.


If you're using Internet Explorer browser version 8 or less, then it's unfortunately the case that you can't use the Bellfield Park website. There'll be an alert box informing you of this. This website uses some latest technology software and Internet Explorer v8 is around 10 years old and can't cope. If you're using this browser, we'd strongly suggest you upgrade to latest Internet Explorer browser where you'll have no problems. If you can't or don't want to upgrade, then you're best to visit and interact with the website from your phone - unless of course your phone is 10 years old too.


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